Growing up, my family really didn't have too many traditions. We were fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants people for the most part. Except for when it came to putting lights on the roof for Christmas.

Every year, my mother would wait until we were all in the throes of food induced comas on Thanksgiving to loudly and cheerfully decree that it was time to put up the Christmas lights.

This is where I learned the "man groan" that is given every time a man is handed a task that makes no practical sense but is forced to do it anyways. It's a low kind of growl that starts in the gut and crawls it's way up the throat and then out through the nostrils.

Maybe this is why I wait, as long as I possibly can, to put up any decorations at all. Hours perched on a roof in frigid western Oklahoma wind taught me that Christmas lights do nothing for the good of the human race. Except maybe children, if you happen to live on a street that people will actually drive down...which we didn't.

Personally, I don't do Christmas lights on the house (I live in an apartment) and I wait to put up the tree until almost the second week of December. Gifts don't see the underbelly of my plastic pine until Christmas Eve. It all comes down the day after Christmas.

When do you start decorating for Christmas? Is before Thanksgiving too early? Do you make it a part of your Thanksgiving tradition? Do you wait until the very last second?

Let us know.

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