Being in Amarillo, TX. we hear about a lot of drug busts. The city seems to be one of the hubs, or at least major passthroughs, for drug trafficking so we are subjected to a lot of busts happening in the area.

Sometimes these busts are huge, with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs being seized. The suspect is charged, and the trial takes place. That's typically everything we hear about.

Here's the thing we NEVER hear about, but I know plenty of us wonder about. What happens to those drugs that get seized in a bust? There are plenty of different theories on what happens to them. One of those, and it's completely untrue, is that the drugs just "disappear" from the evidence room. Obviously that doesn't happen.

Well, we finally got some insight on what happens to them once everything is said and done, and it's all thanks to a massive bust that took place in Fayette County recently. Nearly $4 million worth of meth was seized after the Fayette County Sheriff's Office pulled over a car.

They found a massive amount of drugs inside the suspects gas tank and took him in.

So where did the drugs end up going? Police took the sample they needed from the seizure for the case against Marcial Ramirez, then they called in the experts to dispose of the rest.

One of the sergeants in the Fayette County Sheriff's Office is also part of the DEA task force. The DEA uses a group called Environmental Restoration, LLC to get rid of the drugs found, especially in large busts like this. So what do they do with them, just pack them down in a landfill somewhere and move on?

Not exactly. In this particular case, they took the drugs and placed them in a barrel. They mixed up some chemicals with the meth and it destroyed the meth right then and there.

So there you have it. It's nothing fancy, but the drugs are off the street and absolutely useless now that they've been mixed with the chemicals. They don't just disappear from the evidence room.

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