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How drunk is Texas? If I were judging just by how many times I've heard Neon Moon warbled out by a nearly weeping man who is having trouble standing, I'd say we are pretty damn drunk. I've never sung Neon Moon myself, but you should see me get saucy enough to belt out Nine Inch Nail's Closer. My whole existence is flawed. recently compiled a bunch of data and, based on certain metrics, came up with a list of states from least to most "drunk". Texas comes in at an impressive #20. Bottom's up, I guess. What's even more interesting is that the drunkest county in Texas is Travis County, home of Austin and her many suburbs. I really would have guessed the Dallas Metroplex, but I suppose tourism to Austin probably counted for something.

Here's the breakdown:

> Adults drinking excessively: 19.5% (US share: 19.0%)
>Pct. driving deaths that are alcohol related: 26.9% — 15th lowest (US share: 27.8%)
> Adults in poor of fair health: 20.8% — 7th highest (US share: 17.2%)
> Poverty rate: 13.6% — 11th highest (US rate: 12.3%)
> Drunkest metro area in Texas: Austin-Round Rock
> Adults drinking excessively in Austin-Round Rock: 23.4% (26th highest among all 384 metro areas)
> Drunkest county in Texas: Travis
> Adults drinking excessively in Travis: 25.1% (42nd highest among all 3,142 counties)

In case you're curious, the least drunk state is Utah and the drunkest state is Wisconsin.

Honestly, it's been a really tough 12 months, and I found myself drinking way more and way more often than pre-pandemic for a few months, especially after I experienced a huge loss in my life. After realizing I was having significant memory problems, I cut way back and now things are back to my pre-pandemic levels. Seriously, if you need help, please find it. And never drink and drive, Uber exists for that reason.

If you're partying at a level you and your loved ones find acceptable, here's a list of other warbly Texas country songs you can belt out the next time you brave a karaoke night.

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