Imagine driving down 40 and you look over in the direction of downtown. In the middle of the city skyline, you see Stark Tower. How about this, you're shopping at the Westgate Mall and you look up to see the Bat Signal? It would be crazy to walk down Polk Street on a Friday night and see Spiderman swing by.

Luckily, we don't live in a world where The Joker is causing chaos or aliens from other planets are coming to take over Amarillo. But after seeing Spiderman over the weekend, it got me thinking. Who would I want protecting Amarillo? The Avengers would be cool, but it seems the city would get damaged a lot. Mostly, because of The Hulk.

I am stuck between Batman and Spiderman. I like that Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) has a lot of cool gadgets that no villain would want to mess with. However, Spiderman would be fun to hang out with and you know he would not cause too much damage to the city.

What do you think? Have fun with this. Who could you see protecting the streets of Amarillo? Leave you answer in the comment section below.

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