It's a never ending quest. The best cup of coffee.

This is how a lot of us wake up in the morning, and how we stay awake through the day.

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However, a bad cup of joe will instantly ruin your day. We set out to track down the best coffee drinks in Amarillo, and we've come up with a few places for you to try out.


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Here we are with one of the most well known coffee joints in Bomb City...Roasters. It was one of the first coffee places that was recommended to me when I moved here. I've stopped in several times since I've lived here, and never had a bad experience. They definitely use some quality coffee beans here and extract TONS of great flavor out of them. If you're looking to get a real start on the day, I recommend the Headbanger. It's their coffee of they day with a shot (or 3) of espresso. It'll kick you into gear pretty quickly. If you're someone who enjoys your coffee with something mixed in, try out the Chocolate Decadence frappe. It's pretty much divine.



Here's another 806 fave that has a very diverse menu to choose from. It's not all coffee and they literally have something for everyone. However, we're not talking about everything here, we're talking coffee. Cliffside has one of the tastiest concoctions I've had here yet, and it's the Snickerdoodle blend. There's just something about the combo of some fresh coffee beans and a tasty Snickerdoodle cookie that had me spinning in circles.


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With several locations around Amarillo and Canyon, Palace is known for their very interesting combinations. They have a seasonal menu that changes as the seasons do (duh), but for example, this summer they had one called "Dr. Brew" and it was their Jester cold brew with sugar cane Dr. Pepper on ice. NEVER would I have thought about mixing those. My personal favorite from Palace is the Aztec Mocha. Give it a try next time you go in, definitely a great spin on a traditional mocha.

THE 806


Embracing the city by using its area code, The 806 is our last entry on this list. I'll start by saying I LOVE the atmosphere here. It's so bright and inviting, it makes you happy before you even get the coffee. Just like every coffee shop, they have all your expected selections. Where The 806 shines are their signature drinks. It's almost impossible to choose a favorite, and they seem to have one for whatever mood your taste buds are in. If I had to choose a favorite, I'd have to lean towards the Black Mamba. Ok, maybe I tried it for the first time because it was Kobe Bryant's nickname, but it was like drinking a liquid brownie...and I love that. You can get it hot or cold.

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