This is the time of year I dread the most. Spring daylight saving time. It's time to spring forward and say farewell to an hour of sleep.

This Sunday (3/8/2020) you will need to set your clock an hour ahead before you go to sleep.

I really do think it's worth revisiting the movement to abolish daylight saving time. Especially when it comes to "springing forward."

My paycheck is already taxed. Now "they" want to take an hour of sleep away from me too?

And for what? What exactly does it accomplish? I don't know a single person that I've ever met, who has once said, "Man, I'm glad yesterday was daylight saving. I don't know that I could have gone another day with a solid sleep schedule."

In fact, the "spring forward" has been linked to increased rates of heart attacks in some studies. Here's the link. There are other adverse affects as well.

Science has shown us that even adjusting our clocks and daily routines by just one hour does affect our bodies, and sometimes it's not in the best way possible.

So why do we still do it? A lot of it depends on who you ask. Some say that it actually saves us from using so much electricity. Some studies say that's offset by other things.

I guess for now it's simply because...we do?

Either way, set your clocks forward this Sunday, and kiss that hour goodbye until November.

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