I've been following the Logan Paul incident since it happened. The more I look into it, the more I'm alarmed children are freely watching this on YouTube.

Now, I don't want to sound like the typical, "What about the children?" type of person. But what are we doing to actively protect the kids on the internet?

I was 10 years old in 1999 and I remember signing onto AOL and exploring the chat rooms and I clearly remember older guys asking me to do things I never heard of. When I got older and learned what those things were, it grossed me out.

Now jump to 2017 where 10-year-olds know what those gross things are thanks to the power of the internet.

It's more than the Logan Paul filming a person who committed suicide. Parents have no clue that the Paul brothers are constantly pushing their merch to children. It's predatory. They link back to their merch in videos, status updates, songs, and more. It sounds like the typical business model but let's quote a few of the lyrics from Logan Paul's 'SANTA DISS TRACK'

Christmas around corner, get your merch (link in bio)
"Uh, Logan Paul, you use your songs to plug your merch?"
Yeah, boy, I'm the Maverick, why yo' feelings hurt?

Yeah, I rep that merch, ooh
Yeah, I rep that merch, ooh
Yes I do in church, ooh
Yes, I put in work

Who's that Santa lookin' at?
Take your gifts, and give 'em back!
Maverick merch is where it's at
Got the hoodie, got the hat
Who's that Santa lookin' at?
You should drink more milk, nonfat
You should get my new backpack
Throw away that dirty sack

Children should not be the target audience to make spending decisions in the household.

The merch children 'Rep' is the business model that makes content that revolves around sensitive social topics and adult situations.

I feel very Barbara Bush about this article, I just pains me to know that people are shrugging it off. Potential parents are looking past the warning label. There is no accountability for the actions that are clearly affecting some of the viewers.

A parent posted a video of their child distraught from watching the Logan Paul video. Check it out here.

YouTube completely dropped the ball on the ENTIRE situation. The Logan Paul video went to the trending page on YouTube. Not because of the views but because someone at YouTube placed the video on the Trending page to be seen.

YouTube Guidelines state "It’s not okay to post violent or gory content that’s primarily intended to be shocking, sensational, or gratuitous." The video was flagged and reviewed by YouTube and NOT taken down. Logan Paul took down the video himself after the backlash.

However, YouTube did remove the reaction videos from other YouTubers, BUT STILL KEPT THE LOGAN PAUL VIDEO LIVE! Why? The Paul brothers bring in the most Ad Revenue to YouTube. They are the money makers of YouTube.

Philip DeFranco posted a video about the ENTIRE situation. I highly recommend checking him out to truly understand the severity of this situation. Warning: the language in the video is NSFW.

I think what I'm getting at is to double check what your children are exposed to on the internet. I could really go on forever with link after link. But the shock value aimed at kids has to stop somewhere.

Be good to one another.

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