Ron Burgundy made a return to the TV screen for some breaking news, that he will be back again for the Anchorman sequel!  Can I get a hell yeah?  HELL YEAH!  I heart you Will Ferrell!

Ferrell  made a surprise visit to Conan O'Brien last night where he officially made the announcement.

Actually, Ron Burgundy made the appearance on Conan.  He came out jamming the jazz flute and wearing that crazy maroon colored suit he wore in the first Anchorman movie.

He told some incredibly funny jokes and then made the announcement.

"It's official, there will be a sequel to Anchorman"

I'm stoked for this movie and can't wait to see the trailer and previews!

In the mean time while we wait, tell me what Amarillo anchorman reminds you most of Ron Burgundy :)  I won't say any names because I want to keep my news anchor friends.  Just click "take our survey" below!


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