Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? No, no, not the one with the footballs and Gatorade and stuff, the one with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon and the most eye-popping, gut-busting lip sync battle ever? That's the only “big game” we need.

In celebration of America (?), the ‘Tonight Show’ host unveiled a special super-sized entry into his already infamous lip sync battle oeuvre, featuring the talents of the ‘Get Hard’ stars and a special guest (spoiler alert, it was Drew Barrymore). To say this battle “had everything” would be a massive understatement, because this battle had everything. At one point, Hart and Ferrell appeared to fall in love. Fallon and Barrymore recreated ‘Dirty Dancing.’ There was blood, sweat, and more than a few tears. We might have cried, too.

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