Lindsay Lohan has been making quite the name for herself recently, and it doesn’t involve her being late to sets or crashing Porsche’s. Instead, the troubled actress/singer has been hanging out with Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey and scored herself a role in Gaga’s upcoming video. But does she have on her list of people to help with her comeback?

Lohan made an appearance at’s album wrap party, where E! asked if there were any plans for a collaboration in the future. ”I’m not. He didn’t ask me,” she said with a laugh. “Explain that.”

And leave it to him to come to her pseudo-rescue after the interesting question. “She was filming,” he quickly responded. ”I was filming and I had other things to handle,” she continued. ”So maybe the next one. Maybe he’ll do my next one.”

The night wasn’t a complete waste, though, because had quite the suggestion up his sleeve. “Or after this listening party, I’ll find out what we’re missing and then we’ll record a song tomorrow,” he said, allowing Lohan to cut in with a brilliant, “And then we’ll add s— to it, yes!”

We’re not going to lie, we were big fans of Lohan’s first album ‘Speak.’ A collaboration would be kind of cool.

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