Today is Will Smith's 50th birthday, and in celebration of the milestone age, the rapper-actor-social media savant has taken on a challenge by Yes Theory to bungee jump out of a helicopter 1,000 feet over the Grand Canyon. Yes, you read that correctly.

Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton alongside Will on the 1990's television classic, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, hosted the special as Will stood surrounded by a slew of family and friends, including his three children Jaden, Willow and Trey, wife Jada Pinkett-Smith and his lifelong friend "Mr. Philadelphia," known largely as Charlie Mack.

The "Live it Up" rapper chose to accept the challenge in an attempt to face his childhood fear of the Grand Canyon. "I remember having a deeply meaningful experience of how beautiful it was, but I was terrified to walk up to the edge," he remembers, though his mother says they were actually in an enclosed area when they visited during a roadtrip. "All my brothers and sisters and my whole family walked up to the edge and I stayed back, just scared to take in beauty."

Moments before he got in the helicopter, Jaden Smith said his father's "biggest fear is having any fears."

In a video dedicated to the 50-year-old, DJ Khaled, Rev Run, LeBron James, Quincy Jones, DJ Jazzy Jeff and a bunch of his other celebrity friends wished him a happy birthday, while some attempted to talk him out of the daredevil jump.

Watch him make the big leap below. Happy Birthday, Will!

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