So it’s 2012 and we still haven’t fully come to terms with the fact that Will Smith has gone all Scientologist on us. Like, the Fresh Prince practicing Scientology — the same thing cray cray Tom Cruise brags about — 1992 Will Smith is probably hanging his head in shame back in West Philadelphia.

A couple of a years ago, he and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith supposedly donated a buttload of money to a school that was going to start practicing L. Ron Hubbard’s (he is to Scientologists what God is to Catholics, pssh) teaching methods and they even had staff already on board who practice Scientology. But then things went kind of nuts and a majority of the stuff got fired because they disagreed with the teaching methods and the headmistress was even replaced with someone more in-tune with Hubbard’s methodology.

Anyway, this all turned out to be true because last month, a benefit was held for the school. Singer Robin Thicke was there, as was, and of course, Will and Jada. We know, right? Like … does this school actually even exist? Do you have to be a Scientologist to get in — because, Jewish people do go to Catholic school. Does Will Smith make an appearance? So. Many. Questions.

Whatever the case may be, it confuses the h— out of us. Researching Scientology was exhausting, but we do know that they believe aliens created the earth by jumping into a volcano, and their spirits resurfacing. Aliens. Like, ‘E.T.’ aliens. Do Will and Jada really want Willow learning this stuff? (It may explain the lil’ rebel’s tongue ring.)

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