Things seem to be progressing right along for Blake & Gwen, or Gwake, or Blen. claims Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are talking about purchasing a home together. A source tells the site: “Gwen and Blake are thinking about buying a love nest! Gwen loves Oklahoma and she actually thinks it would be a great place for her boys to grow up. However, every time she and Blake talk about moving in, they always seem to decide that it’s too soon for both of them. That said, all the traveling, hotels, and suitcases are becoming a major inconvenience, so they’re trying to think of it less as moving in together and more of buying a convenient place for them to hang out!”

The Star claims Gwen Stefani is hoping to marry Blake Shelton. A source tells the tabloid: "Gwen is hoping for a wedding, but Blake's not ready. “She's healthy, and with proper care she could carry a baby term.''

At least it's more interesting than Kimye.

Source:  Sheethappens prep service

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