You got $100?  Well if it gives you a chance to win a huge house in a really nice neighborhood, I bet you do!  Arbor Christian Academy is giving away a $205,000 home located in City View!  SAY WHAT!?

Yes that is right!  Win a home built by Cole Stanley Homes!  It's beautiful!  You can actually check it out now if you want.  The address is 3917 Arden Rd.

The home features 3 bedrooms, designer finishes and has everything a home-owner could dream of!

There will only be 3,000 tickets total sold and they are selling for $100 each.

For more details and official rules click here.

It's a great opportunity and it's helping a really good academy that provides an excellent foundation for learning here in Amarillo, so please support it!

As a matter of fact, you can buy tickets with KISS-FM this weekend!

Saturday from 11a-1p we'll be hanging out with Arbor Christian Academy at the Pak-A-Sak on Soncy just off 45th street, selling those tickets!  We'll also have your chance to win a free raffle ticket!

Join us at Pak-A-Sak this Saturday to buy tickets and sign up to be the winner of a free raffle ticket!  It's the chance of a lifetime, like B-Rabbit says, will you capture it, or just let it slip by?