We've already had 1 winner today, and we're just getting started!  Today, Maribel Galaviz picks up a free Coach purse and the winning continues all this week!

How to win:

Listen all day everyday for the KISS A Coach Jackpot sounder.

When you hear it, grab your phone and be the 25th caller at 320-0969 to try and win  You'll spin the reels on the KISS-FM slot machine and if you hit 3 in a row you'll hit the jackpot!  Even if you don't hit 3 in a row you'll win something!  For all the people that don't hit the jackpot, we've got Wonderland hand stamps and free manicures and pedicures from Milan to give as a consolation prize.

The winning isn't only on air, you can win right here on line too!  Click here to get signed up for the grand prize Kiss A Coach giveaway!

We wanna thank Dillards in Westgate Mall for hooking it up on the Coach purses and handbags!  If you like Coach, you'll love Dillards!  Check them out for all the latest styles.  We also wanna thank Courtyard by Marriott, Rudy's BBQ, Biti Pies & Jake's Bar & Grill.