This Starbucks employee is a real caf-fiend.

Bad jokes aside, a woman working the drive-thru at Starbucks was busted for stealing a customer's credit card number. Making matters worse? The customer herself is the one who busted her and confronted her while at the drive-thru.

Elizabeth Becerra, of Victoriaville, California, pulled up to the drive-thru and had a few choice NSFW words for the 19-year-old cashier, who appeared like a deer in the headlights as she apologized for her actions, while maintaining, "I am a good child."

The employee used the credit card to buy groceries at a nearby supermarket and was caught on camera doing so.

Becerra said she planned to press charges. It's unclear if the employee still has her job.

What do you think? Bacerra certainly has a right to be angry, but was she right in shaming the employee and then posting it for all to see? Or should she simply have quietly contacted the police and Starbucks about the matter?

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