Cheating sucks.

Being fully committed to someone and thinking everything is perfect and they're the one can be devastating when you find out your significant other is sleeping with someone else.

YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn found out her ex-boyfriend Richie Giese (Social Repose) was cheating on her. She posted a video to her YouTube channel after she found out.

He replied in his own accounts about the situation. He made her seem like it was no surprise that she knew he was a jerk. After the news broke, his channel began to see the negative effects. Giese continued on with Self-deprecation and the hate on his channel continued. Even now.

After Giese posted a video exploiting her personal feelings about him in a video titled, "Giving Away Things That Hurt Too Much To Keep" in the video there is a hand written note from Glenn that you can clearly read. However, the things in the video were not actually for sale but a painting was. He just used the video as click bait to sell another item.

Jaclyn has obviously had enough and is just over the relationship and past with him and just wants to move on, so she posted a final reply video. She simplifies how the relationship ended and how she's annoyed with the "pleas for sympathy". She calls Giese out on his hypocritical actions, "selling her personal love notes", and notes the only support he gets is from 12-year-old fans.

Basically, Jaclyn says, 'if you're going to cash out on my heartbreak, I'll cash out as well.' She has listed the promise ring he gave her on ebay and it's getting some high dollar bids.

Credit: Ebay jaclyglen_0
Credit: Ebay jaclyglen_0

Would you purchase a ring from a failed relationship or would you think there is superstitions attached to it?

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