A 10 year old in Indianapolis mistakenly got a little drunk over the weekend.  His parents took him to the Olive Garden for his birthday and even though it was his 10th birthday, they treated it like his 21st!  Yeah, when your at a restaurant and your 10 year old starts telling dirty jokes and slurring his words, there is definitely a problem!

Hot Air reports that a 40 ounce Frullato smoothie was ordered for the child, but they ordered it virgin, meaning non-alcoholic, the PG-13 version of the drink.  Yet, about halfway through the drink, the waitress realized that the child was sipping on the adult version, containing Rum.


Hot Air - Green Room

The waitress, upon realizing her mistake, reported it to her manager. But she didn’t notify the family. The parents figured out for themselves that something was wrong when the child began exhibiting strange behavior. “His eyes were changing,” the boy’s father told reporters. “He was feeling sick to his stomach and didn’t want to eat no more.”


The waitress was indeed fired, so that's not a subject of discussion, but I think the parents need to make an example out of this!

I love Olive Garden don't get me wrong, but these kind of mistakes simply can not be tolerated!

The parents said everything was fine and didn't really get as upset about it as I would have.

I wouldn't make a huge deal out of it, but I'd be demanding some cash, just to put them in their place!

What about you?

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