The producers of 'X Factor' are being accused by a Hollywood, Calif. choir of deliberately trying to embarrass and disqualify them from the upcoming season of the show. What happened?!

The Hollywood High School Choir, H20, claims that the producers of 'X Factor' planned on humiliating the group just to use it on the air. The group said they'd rehearsed the song 'Some Nights' by Fun., then were told they couldn't use the track on the show. They tried to sing 'Rolling in the Deep' by Adele instead ... but that song couldn't get cleared, either.

Eventually the group settled on the song 'Shake It Out' by Florence + the Machine, and it didn't end well for them, with Simon Cowell cutting them off before they even finished the song.

Cowell reportedly cut off the performance because H20 weren't wearing their choir uniforms, but the group claims that producers told them to wear their normal street clothes.

H20 also claims that the waited 14 hours to audition, and that despite having 14 members of their group, were only given six microphones. What the what?!

A rep for 'X Factor' told TMZ, "The group had the chance of performing 2 songs for judges. The judges didn't think they were good enough to move forward in this competition." The spokesperson added, "Certain songs cannot be cleared for use in the show and contestants are informed of this in advance and are asked to choose alternative songs if this is the case. None

X Factor Judges
Mike Pont, Getty Images

of the judges even commented on what the group was wearing."

H20 are demanding an apology from the show's producers for the distress they faced. You can watch them perform 'Some Nights' below.

Watch H20 Perform 'Some Nights'

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