It looks like the Japanese didn't care for Microsoft's current-gen launch as Xbox One systems are already collecting dust on store shelves.

Destructoid reports the Xbox One only sold 25,674 consoles during its opening weekend in Japan earlier this month. After its first full week on the Japanese market, the console barely broke 3,000 units sold, according to Media Create (a sales tracking company). To put these numbers into perspective, both the PlayStation 4 and Wii U each sold more than 300,000 units during their Japanese debuts. The Japanese are obviously Sony fans, considering that the Xbox 360's launch hardly broke 60,000 units sold back in 2005, but still, the Xbox One's sales numbers are much lower this time around, which is a bad sign for Microsoft's overseas endeavors.

As the Xbox One had its head hung down in shame during its first full week on the Japanese market, the PlayStation 4 sold another 23,623 consoles due to the overseas launch of Destiny. It looks like Xbox better start rethinking its overseas strategies.

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