The news is out that this year getting your flu shot could possibly net a little extra cash for you. No joke. You could be compensated for doing something most of us should be doing anyways.

God bless the participation trophy culture.

Target is offering up coupons for those who do their civic duty and get their flu shot. It's an important thing to do this time of year. While not always a guarantee that you won't get the flu, it's the best way we have available to help keep us from getting and spreading the dreaded winter time virus.

The way it works is that you go to a Target with a CVS Pharmacy inside. Get your flu shot. Get a $5 coupon. It's that easy.

This leads me to wonder what would happen if we held out for a better offer. Could we essentially hold the area hostage while we wait for more than $5?

Target would sweep in with a better offer, and we would give the shot to a few kids but demand more. Then, Target swoops in with an offer so good we can't pass it up, and they go down in history as the expert negotiator that avoided the great flu pandemic of 2018 - 2019.

A guy can always dream, right?

Either way, go get your flu shot at the CVS in Target if you're into coupons and don't mind picking up an extra $5.

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