Moms can be the hardest people to shop for.

A mom is mostly self-sufficient, so she's used to buying things for herself when she needs them. That can make Mother's Day an impossible holiday.

If it seems like you don't have any options, here's good news - there ARE options!

Here are 10 gifts that will surprise and delight any mom who seems like she has everything.

  • 1

    Photo Album

    A photo album is such a simple gift but has so much sentimentality attached to it. It's a great gift for the mom who has everything because it's something she can't buy.

  • 2

    Memory Book

    Like a photo album, this is a nostalgic gift that can't be bought. Just buy a pretty notebook and have different members of the family write a memory on each page.

  • 3

    Spa Day

    You can either get a gift card to a local spa or put together your own spa day. Offer to pamper your mom with candles, face masks, and a pedicure. You're basically giving the gift of relaxation.

  • 4

    Cooking Class

    This is great for the mom who likes to cook! Check out local cooking classes and get your mom a free night of cooking something fun, like tiramisu or paella. If there aren't any good classes in your area, ask your mom to teach you her favorite recipe.

  • 5

    Succulent Garden

    Sometimes gifting a plant is more like adding responsibility to someone's life. That's why a succulent garden is a great, low-maintenance gift, while also being trendy. Buy a nice sized pot and fill it with cacti and succulents. Your mom can enjoy a nice addition to her desk or patio that doesn't require a ton of care.

  • 6

    Monthly Beauty Product Subscription

    These days, you can get a monthly subscription of just about anything. There are tons of services that deliver amazing beauty products to your doorstep every month, like Ipsy and Birch Box. This gift will let your mom pamper herself with new products all the time.

  • 7

    Record Player

    Whether your mom is old school or keeps up with the trends, a record player is a great gift for the person who has everything. She'll either pull out her old records from high school and feel nostalgic or get the latest Adele album on vinyl and enjoy the modern sound. Plus, record players look great with any decor.

  • 8

    Adult Coloring Book

    Adult coloring books are a great way to exercise your artistic side without having to be naturally artistic. If your mom has a lot of free time, likes to wind down before bed, or just loves to color, this gift will keep her busy, but relaxed.

  • 9

    Merry Maids

    Merry Maids is a national service that lets you order qualified housekeepers to clean your house. And nothing says, "I appreciate you, Mom," like giving her a clean house! Even if your mom has a regular housekeeper, she'll appreciate the break for her wallet.

  • 10


    There is a hammock out there for every kind of mom. If your mom likes to go camping and being outdoors, get her an Eno. If she would rather lounge by a pool, the traditional rope hammock will work. And if she's somewhere in the middle, a standalone hammock is probably best.

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