I'm sure I'm not the only one that has sat starring at the ceiling thinking about what I would do if I got a nice wad of cash. Well, you have that opportunity and all it takes is being a VIP.

Times are tough and we want to hook you up. It only takes a second and you could win huge!

Here are 10 things I'd do with $10,000!

1. Pay off the wife's car.

Car payments can really drain extra cash flow. While it would be ideal not to have car payments, sometimes they are a necessity.

2. Go on a nice family vacation.

It's been a few years since I was able to take the family on a vacation and it sure would be nice. A nice relaxing trip to the mountains or maybe a week at Six Flags would rock.

3. Catch up on bills.

The older I get, the more bills seem to pile up. Whether it be medical bills, car payments, cell phones, or what have you, they just seem to get bigger and bigger. To have those gone would be nice.

4. Buy an off-road toy.

I love dirtbikes and quads. They are super fun. Granted, sometimes they can contribute to the medical bills I mentioned above.

5. Buy a new radio control car.

I don't know about you, but I'm a kid at heart. I love radio control anything! Helicopters, cars, boats, planes, I love it all. I would definitely love to get a brand new Traxxas Jato which will run faster than 65MPH and even allows you to fine-tune your steering and gas intake from your iPhone.

6. XBox One

While I'm not a huge video game person, I defintely enjoy a little Call Of Duty and Titanfall here and there. i also love being able to stream movies and Netflix.

7. Laptop computer

With the release of the new laptop computer convertibles, I'm really wanting to get one for my family. I have a few computers that I use for work purposes, but can't allow my family to use, as they really don't below TO ME. So, a family laptop would be a nice addition.

8. New Tires

After putting a new set of tires on my wife's vehicle, mine is left out to dry. I'm not running on "onion skins" or anything, but It'd be nice to get a new set of tires on the ol' car.

9. Sod The Yard

We recently moved into a new place and we love it. The only thing about it is that the yard was not taken care of before we moved in. After trying seed, weed n feed, and everything else we can find, it seems that the idea of having grass in the yard is fading. Sodding it would be awesome!

10. A Boat

I know, I know. The lakes around here are almost dried up. But, there are some in the area that are still rockin' and I love water skiing and fishing. Having a nice boat makes a trip to the lake 10 times more fun!

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