I had a friend who recently opened up to me and said they "have those days". The ones that make them just want to hide out and not really interact with others. Sometimes we can't help it, and many of us wake up in horrid moods. You know those days when it's the bad mood you just can't shake off? I have those days and sometimes the only thing that gives me an attitude adjustment is going to the gym.

Keep in mind if you are having a lot of bad days or depressed days you should probably talk to your doctor to see if there is some way you can get help to cope with your sadness.

According to a survey from SNWS Digital most Americans like to turn to food to cope with a bad mood. Oops, why do I feel like I am the one that they surveyed for this? Check out the top 11 things we Americans turn to quickly fix our horrid moods.


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