Coke bottles are so much more than vessels for holding soda pop. In this (extended version of the) new Coca-Cola commercial, the semi-filled cola bottles are used as musical instruments. What's the song that the artists are playing with Coke bottles as their tools?

It's an instrumental and creatively improvised version of Of Monsters and Men's 'Little Talks,' the original of which appears on the Icelandic band's 'My Head Is an Animal.' It was the band's debut single and was released worldwide in the summer of 2011. Consider this a cleverly reimagined cover version.

Who knew that the bottles, which are usually recycled and not given as much as a second thought, could be turned into music makers? It's amazing what a little intuition, ingenuity and instinct will yield. It makes us wonder how creative we or you could get with a Coke bottle.

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