It's the great debate of our generation.

Over the years, it's been revealed that different parts of the country call carbonated beverages by different names. It's unknown how this differentiation was made, but somehow the words "pop," "soda," and "coke" have created many different images with different people across the U.S.

These words aren't meant to describe one specific drink, even "coke." That's right, "coke" doesn't always mean Coke. The words relate to all carbonated beverages, from root beer to Sprite.

So we were curious - do people in Amarillo call it "pop?" Do they call it "soda?" Or do they call it "coke?"

We had 225 people weigh in on the matter. Here are the results:

People from Amarillo call it "coke!"

By a landslide, too. Over 150 chose "coke," while only about 15 chose "pop" and about 50 chose "soda."

If that doesn't seem to add up to 225, here's why: it turns out people also use the phrase "soda pop" more often than you'd think.

Do you agree with our survey? What do you say when you're ordering a drink at a restaurant?

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