One of the things I always revert to is the house I'd buy. I always say I don't want this massive, sprawling mansion. I don't have a need for ALL that space, but I also don't want to just buy what is considered your typical "family home" if that makes sense.

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Gimme something with 6 bedrooms, at least 3 bathrooms, and a nice backyard with a solid patio and I'm thrilled. I think I found that house at 2223 S. Ong St. right here in Amarillo.

Listed with Theresa E. Cruz w/ Larry Brown Realtors, this gargantuan home sprawls in all the right places. Dare I say that the $1.2 million asking price is pretty reasonable to me.

While it doesn't have the six bedrooms I want, it's got five and I can deal with that. They make up for it with five bathrooms as well, so one for each room I guess. It checks in at just under 5,000 square feet, so plenty of room. And the cherry on top is the location: right in the heart of Wolflin Historic District.

It's got a full-on kitchen on the back patio, a classic brick look, a completely remodeled kitchen, hardwood floors, and spacious bedrooms. I can go on and on about it, but it's just better if you check it out below.

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This incredible home is located in the heart of Amarillo's Wolflin Historic District and is listed with Theresa E. Cruz w/ Larry Brown Realtors. You'll be stunned at the care and love that has gone into this sprawling home.

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