There are hidden gems all over the Texas panhandle. Ghost towns, forgotten caves, and historic landmarks are dotted all across the landscape.

For instance, there are about 30 people, one business, and an old school in a small town located on Palo Duro Canyon's southern rim. Say hello to Wayside.

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Where The Heck Is Wayside, Texas?


Blink, and you'll probably miss it. If you yawn while passing through, you most definitely will. You'll find the tiny incorporated community of Wayside, Texas south of Palo Duro Canyon. It's just east of the Randall County line.

Ranch Road 285 is the stretch you're looking for.

It was originally named Beulah, but was renamed once the post office got set up. The name comes from their location near the canyon.

Wayside School. Not The One From The Books.


Growing up, there was a series of books about a school that had all kinds of strange things happening to the faculty and students. It was usually something of a supernatural nature.

This school and the one from the stories, are not the same. That doesn't mean there isn't anything interesting about the real Wayside school in Texas.

Wayside No. 7, as the sign reads, still stands. At last check, it's in pretty good shape given its age. The playground toys were still there, even if they're worse for the wear. A wooden merry-go-round and wooden seesaw could be seen.

Both had seen better days.

35 People Rode Out Y2K in Wayside, Texas

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According to figures from the year 2000, there were 35 people calling Wayside, Texas home. The population peaked in 1967. 100 souls were members of the tiny community.

For some reason, one I have yet to find written down anywhere, the population suffered a pretty sharp drop in 1969. In just two years, the population went from 100 to 36.

One Business, As Of 2000, Remained

Going off of the information that you can find, there were three businesses in Wayside at one point. By the early 90s, that number went down to one.

Google still shows their post office when you look up Wayside on Google Maps.


There's also the community church in Wayside that's still standing.

Not Technically A Ghost Town

Unfortunately, there are those who believe that Wayside is a ghost town. I'm sure if you asked the 30 or so people who live there, they'll say otherwise.

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