Amarillo 911 dispatchers receive thousands of calls every day, but they aren't always in reference to an actual emergency.

In an effort to make Amarillo and the surrounding area 911 services more efficient, the city is working to improve our 311 services by rolling out a 311 App for smart phones.

311 is a service for non-emergencies, like noise complaints, a crime where the suspect is not on the scene, or drug use.

Other major cities in Texas, like Austin, have already implemented the 311 digital application system and have cut down the number of non-emergency calls to 911 significantly. The new app includes features like "photo tickets" were you can send a picture directly to the police department. Also, the app will include an open government feature were you can assess public records right on your phone.

The technology was just recently approved by The City of Amarillo. They plan to roll out a preliminary version of the 311 app in October 2016.

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