There has been a metric poop ton of 3DS games and apps worth downloading, but the more you snatched up, the harder it became to access your stuff. The system’s aggravating interface lined up your games into a never-ending row of boxes, making it take forever to get to whatever you’re looking for. But, if you download the latest system update, you can finally reshape the menu.

To start a new folder, navigate to the right of the touchscreen until you find an empty box. There it gives you the option to create a new folder. We suggest “Great Games,” “Terrible Old Games” and “Free Crap Kept for No Reason.” Like cleaning out your closet, it’s a pain to get started, but your efforts will pay off in the long run.

The update also redesigned its similarly cluttered 3DS eShop, adding multiple rows to its menus. The shop is still cumbersome, though, so hopefully it won’t be long until Nintendo takes another stab at it.


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