When it comes to eating out, we love our food and we love our favorite restaurants.  Sometimes when we order the meal is so big we have to take it home and eat it later.

Left overs are sometimes amazing.   It's something we look forward to later that evening if it's lunch, the following day if we had it for dinner.  Sometimes left overs are so good, we get upset if a loved one heats them up and eats them before we can.

So with that said here are some restaurants who have great dishes as leftovers.

Oh my gosh, there is always enough food for 4 people when you eat here.  That's why you eat half there then save the other half for later.  It reheats so well and it's almost twice as good as right off the hibachi.  Make sure you ask for some to go sauce as well.

I love Pizza Planet Chef Salads.  I get mine with turkey instead of the ham.  However, they are so big that I cannot eat them in one sitting.  So I'll eat half for lunch, and the other half for dinner.  They are great later on as long as you don't dump the dressing all over it.

They have some of the best quesadillas.    If you can't finish your plate, then save them for later.  They reheat amazingly and are just as delicious.  Make sure to save some sour cream and guacamole.

I absolutely love their Green Chile Stew.  When I can't finish it I take it home.  It is better the second time.  If you have never tried their Green Chile Stew, then try it soon and on a cold day.

You know we had to include pizza on this blog.  Of course, this needs no reheating.  There is nothing like grabbing a leftover piece of 575 Pizzeria pizza out of the fridge.  This is one of those times you can have your leftovers for breakfast.   The Bender is especially good cold.

If your favorite leftovers didn't make the list, then let us know!  We need to know where to find all those good leftovers.

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