Finding something fun to do shouldn't be a chore, but in Amarillo sometimes it can be difficult to find something to do that you haven't already done quite a few times.

Growing up in Amarillo, I can remember constantly saying "there's nothing to do in this Town!" Well, there are a few gems here in the Amarillo area, you just have to look a little harder.

If you have never be on a long zipline then you're missing out. Sure, we've all done the short one at the Amazingly Fun Farm and all, but this one is long and they even to night-time ziplines. Talk about a ton of fun for the whole family. They are located at 11100 State Hwy 217 East - Canyon, TX.

Palo Duro Zipline - Facebook Page
Palo Duro Zipline - Facebook Page

If you are a nature buff or hiker then you might have already been out to Wildcat Bluff, but for many people it is an unknown treasure. There is a ton of wildlife and animals to be seen. From plant life, snakes, lizards, coyote, and more, you can come across them here. If you're with the kids or just out for some fun, it's a great place to go for a hike and spend the day out in nature, right in your own backyard. Below is a video from a guy who spotted a Box Turtle while out at Wildcat Bluff.

Whether you are into fitness or not, rockwall climbing is a blast. If you're just starting out or even a seasoned veteran there is a place right here in Amarillo where you can go indoor rock climbing. It's called the Amarillo Rock Climbing House (ARCH). Check it out at 500 S. Fannin - Amarillo, Texas.

If you're still a kid at heart and love RC cars then this place is too much fun. Whether you have an electric or a gas powered monster, this place has an awesome course to practice or race on. Depending on what night you go, you can see some people racing these cars in tournaments which is really amazing. Check out the video below. You can go race at West Texas RC - 9721 S. Coulter - Amarillo, Texas.

I used to go mountain biking all over. From Palo Duro Canyon to Red River New Mexico. It was a blast. If you are looking for a fun time, Palo Duro Canyon's mountain bike trails are awesome. There are some nice intermediate trails that the entire family can ride on as well as some really intense downhills that require a more experienced rider. Check out the video below for a little sample of just how nice the area is.

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