Check out some holiday eats that might be staples at your dinner table this holiday season.

Christmas and the New Year are closely upon us and if you grew up in a Hispanic home like I did, that meant eating some rather delicious and tasty treats while others not so much. Growing up, family holiday gatherings always revolved around food including:


While you can eat tamales year round – during Christmas and the New Year it was all about having tamale parties were the whole family would take turns helping make them. Long hours of prep and cooking would go into making these mouthwatering pockets of goodness but it was so worth the wait.


The ancient drink is usually prepared during Dia De Los Muertos or during Christmastime during Las Posadas and is a traditional hot corn and masa based beverage that includes nuts, eggs, and sometimes is made with water, milk or even alcohol and few other spices. While some people love this concoction I can barely muster the smell of it.


Buñelos are a delicious sweet treat that consists of a light dough deep friend then covered in powdered sugar, and/or cinnamon and drizzled with syrup and delivered to family and friends during the holiday season.


I remember my aunt making calientitos or a Christmas hot toddy that would make the whole house smell incredible. The h contains a mixture of spices such as cloves, and cinnamon, along with sugarcane, guava, orange slices and piloncillo and a few other ingredients which is then boiled into a tea and finally topped with your favorite rum.

Rosca De Reyes / King’s Bread

On January 6th the Three Wise Men are celebrated and gifts are given to the children in the family and the Rosca de Reyes is eaten. This New Year pastry seems to me to be the Hispanic version of fruit cake but also includes a hidden baby Jesus in the pastry and whoever finds the plastic replica inside their cake must have a party in return.

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