In less than two weeks, one of the best, one of the biggest and one of the funniest 5Ks will be in Amarillo.  I'm talking about Insane Inflatables!  Here are some of the reasons you should participate.

If you have been thinking about participating in our Insane Inflatables 5K but haven't made up your mind, I have five reasons that will help you decide.

1. You get a good workout.

If you love a good workout, this is it.  It is still a 5K but it is made up of tons of fun obstacle courses to help you get a great workout.

2. You will get a unique experience.

This is the first 5K like this.  Most 5Ks consist of walking or running.  Some even throw color at you or happen at night.  Insane inflatables is a bunch of bounce houses.

3. You will get an awesome bonding experience.

Whether you decide to participate with your family and co-workers, you will get a cool bonding moment to share for life.  This is something that you can all do together and have fun doing it.

4. It gives you an excuse to act like a child.

I'm sure you have been to a child's birthday party where they had a bounce house.  The kids have so much fun.  Well, at Insane Inflatables, you will get to enjoy your inner child and bounce through all these bouncy obstacles.

5. Fun!

This is the most important reason of all!  If you can't go out and have fun what is the point.  Not only do you get to bounce in some of the most amazing bounce houses, but you get to enjoy a party in the park when you're done.  There will be tons of activities for the whole family!

These are just some of the reasons you should participate in our Insane Inflatables 5K.  And if you need some tips on how to train, check out this ridiculous training video below.