The day is fast approaching and where will you be Saturday morning? The correct answer is with us out at John Stiff Park. The Insane Inflatable 5K will be here. So of course that is where you need to be.

Have you ever seen one of these in action? Check it out here:

Does anything really look like it could be any more fun? Bring the whole family for this event. It's going to be epic! I promise you have never seen a 5K like this one. It will be one you can finish and will be laughing the whole time. What an adventure.

So get those tickets now and of course join us Saturday morning. Oh and heck I hear if we get any rain that is just an added bonus. It make the course even more fun. Yep, tell your kiddos that one.

This is more of a 5K for people who want to have fun. There will be all sorts of inflatables. I mean heck yeah it's even in the title. So if you have not secured your spot yet now is your time. It is a running out.

Click HERE to get the information and get you and your family signed up for this fun and memorable experience coming up this Saturday morning. Don't miss out on all the fun. You will for sure be kicking yourself later.

Just think how jealous all of your friends will be when they see all the fun pictures you have posted on Facebook after the event. You will be that person they are all jealous of.






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