Crime is either on the increase, or I'm reading the news a lot more than I used to.  I'm pretty sure it's not answer B, crime seems to be on the up in Amarillo.  What can be done to lower the crime rate in Amarillo?

Here's a few things that come to mind when I ask myself this question.

Open Carry Law

Oh yeah, check the stats, in places there is an open carry law in place and it is practiced, crime rate has decreased.  Something about a criminal going into a convenience store to rob it when there's 2 or 3 people with a 357 or 9mm on their hips...

Free Rehabilitation Programs

Now, not all those in need would be willing to enter a rehabilitation program, this I understand.  However, if free rehabilitation programs were offered for addicts and criminals, I would like to think more would be willing to participate.

Stricter Consequences For Repeat Offenders

Couldn't hurt...and might make previous offenders think twice if they knew they would be facing much more severe consequences for being a repeat offender.  If there's something like this in place already, then it should be even more strict.

Increased Officers

I know not many people want to see more police officers on the streets, but the more they're seen, the less chances there are of a crime being committed.

Neighborhood Watch

Hey, it worked in the movie!  Get your neighbors and go get crunk on some thugs terrorizing your neighborhood!

Here's the facts about the crime rate in Amarillo (based on 2007-2012 statistics).

The number of murders has reduced by 50%...

The number of rapes has reduced by about 10%, however, it was reduced by about 20% in 2010 and has since raised about 10%.

Robberies are down about 40%...

Auto thefts are down about 50%.

About a 40% decrease in assaults...

A very minor drop of about 5% in burglaries.

About a 10% decrease in thefts...

The fact is, decreases or not, Amarillo has about a 10% higher crime rate than that of the US average!

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