I'm not the kind of person to just take something that doesn't belong to me, including food in the refrigerator at work.  It's when I see something like this, so tempting, and there's plenty of it so would a small amount be noticed or missed?  I'm conflicted...to steal or not to steal...my coworkers food.

I'll admit the truth, I took about a shot just to see.  I love water infused with fruits and vegetables I simply couldn't help myself.

However, I can honestly say I do not steal food!  Unless I'm told by the owner to eat something out of the refrigerator that's not mine, I don't touch it at all.  That is incredibly rude and I seriously don't understand how people can do it.

So, let's do an anonymous poll, and find out what percentage of the 806 steals coworkers food.


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