Americans go crazy for salsa.  You'd be surprised to find out these facts about Salsa.

  1. We Make It A Lot like The Aztecs Made It.  Tomatoes and chilis were first domesticated in Latin America thousands of years ago.  Aztecs were the first to combine the ingredients and make salsa.
  2. Mexicans Find Our Salsa Eating Habits Strange. Mexicans eat salsa in moderation. Not like Americans who will go through a bowl in no-time flat. They view our habits to be kin to drinking dressing out of a bottle.
  3. A Syrup Maker Produced The First Commercially Successful Salsa In America. The Pace Family used to make syrup until they moved to San Antonio where they started make a lot of things including Salsa. It went over so well, they stopped producing everything else and just concentrated on Salsa.
  4. It Became America's Top Selling Condiment 25 Years Ago.  It overcame ketchup in 1991.
  5. Pico De Gallo Salsa Means "Rooster Beak Salsa". It comes from the way we eat it with two fingers. It resembles a rooster pecking.

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