So since today is Cinco de Mayo, I found a little taste test on the best chips and salsa you can buy at the grocery store.  Enjoy!

EPICURIOUS.COM conducted the taste test.  Thirty one store brand chips were tested and 20 salsas. They tested flavor and the sturdines and crunchiness.  And it should have a good shape, built for scooping salsa, guacamole, and dip.

Here is the winners:

Best Overall and Best Traditional White Corn
Winner: Bachman Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips ($2.79 for 12 oz. bag)

Best Overall

Epi Top Pick: Green Mountain Gringo Salsa ($4.99 for 16 oz. jar).

These were the closest to homemade.  So give them a try and enjoy.  My personal favorite chip is from United Supermarkets and from their deli.  Yum!  What are your favorites?

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