We may not get it often, but when it rains, it pours... literally.

Amarillo has very unpredictable weather, especially in the summer. After suffering through two months of hot, dry days without relief, the area has been drenched with rain for days. Unfortunately, it seems that people momentarily forget how to drive when there's water falling from the sky.

Here are just a few tips for the clueless drivers in Amarillo that have never seen rain before.

  • 1

    Don't Drive Through A Puddle Bigger Than Your Car

    Because we don't have a sophisticated drainage system in Amarillo, water tends to gather around street corners and in dips. If you see a big puddle ahead, slow down and find an alternate route. Driving through it could either flood your engine or cause you to hydroplane.

  • 2

    Don't Tailgate People On the Highway

    If you're driving too closely to someone on the highway while it's raining and the person in front of you slows down, you could be in a bad situation. Slamming on your breaks on a wet highway could cause you to hydroplane, resulting in a pileup.

  • 3

    Don't Drive Too Fast On A Wet Road

    Driving too fast while it's raining can also result in an accident. If you hit a puddle or a part of the road that's more slick, you could spin out.

  • 4

    Make Sure Your Lights Are On

    Even having your daytime lights on could be a saving grace. If the rain is coming down hard and it's difficult to see, you could be rear-ended by a driver behind you if they can't see your taillights.

  • 5

    Don't Slam On Your Brakes Or Overcorrect If You Hydroplane

    Sometimes it's hard to avoid hydroplaning when you're driving on wet roads. The best thing to do is take your foot off the gas and brake, keep your steering wheel pointed in the same direction, and allow your car to stop safely. Overcorrecting could lead to a wreck and slamming on your brakes might make you fishtail.