As the temperatures soar into the triple digits, Xcel is closing motoring power needs across the region to meet the demands. As more and more air conditioners come online, it is not uncommon to see power hits and brown outs as they meet the needs in the area. Xcel is also looking out for their customers bottom line and reminds us all there are ways you can keep your electric bill from spiking this summer.

Brad Baldridge, Xcel Energy's Director for Customer and Community Relations in Texas and New Mexico spoke with our news partners at ABC 7 KVII on what we all can do:

“July and August are almost always the peak demand months for electricity in our Texas-New Mexico service area. We could see even higher demand this year, especially from residential customers, because of the predicted extreme heat and the fact that more of us are at home than in past summers.”

Xcel says that raising the thermostat in your house and using fans is a great way to keep costs down in the summer. If you raise the inside setting from 72 to 78 degrees and use fans, they say you can save $100 or more over the summer months. They also say you should check the weather stripping on your doors and windows to make sure your AC cooled air isn't escaping. You can also close blinds and drapes during the head of the day to block sunlight as well as putting off cooking or clothes drying until later in the evening.

Xcel would like to stress that if you are having trouble paying your bill, before your power gets cut off, contact them and work with the company to come up with a plan. They recognize that high temperatures can be fatal and they do not want anyone sitting in a hot home that doesn't need to. They say that if you communicate any struggles with them, they will do their best to work with you.

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