Things are slowly but surely going back to normal these days. We're still in a pandemic, but all the signs are starting to point in the right direction. For those of us who have been looking for work, things are probably going to start brightening up as companies begin hiring new workers.

By the way, if you're here in Amarillo you might want to check out a job fair or two... Hell, even here at the station, we've started to interview candidates for various positions. Watching these interviewees come and go, I'm starting to notice a trend.

We as a culture have really gotten laid back over the pandemic... I mean... really laid back...

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The old adage, "Dress For Success" is everything. Some of us might not quite fit into our suits anymore (we'll blame it on the Covid-15....or maybe we never even had a fancy suit)  Anyway, before you start hitting the streets to get hired on somewhere, here's a couple of tips that might help you get some call backs.

1. Pay Attention To Your Grooming Habits

When you go in for that interview are you putting your best foot forward? The first thing you do......Take that shower. I know it sounds crazy, but if you think you stink... guess what... the person sitting across the interview table from you also thinks you stink. He won't say anything about it, but your resume will almost certainly end up in the trash.

Also....details matter: check your fingernails. Guys, really look at them. Make sure there's no dirt under there. Ladies, same thing. And for polish keep it subdued; you want the attention on you, not your crazy nails.

When it comes to hair, have a stylist give you a good cut, and trim the beard if you have one, The rugged woodsman look is great, but at least tame it for a day or two. Ladies, keep the style contemporary and in check.

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2. Those Jeans...

Maybe you don't have a suit. There's nothing wrong with that. If you can get yourself a good set of slacks that's great! Jeans although not the greatest can be pulled off with a few tips. stick with the regular cut when you can and if they have more holes than swiss cheese... avoid at all costs!! and a belt helps here. and more on why in a moment.

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3. You're gonna wear that shirt?!

Just like the jeans, avoid anything with holes or slits... this is definitely not T-Shirt time. A nice button up (or pearl snap to give it a little more Texan flare) or Polo Shirt is all you need. keep the colors conservative. Don't go too tight either. You want to be comfortable. Throw a sport coat or blazer in more basic colors on to really add a more formal feel. Plus there's just something about that extra piece that gives you a sense you're doing something important. Now getting back to the belt guys, now is the time to tuck that shirt in. and make sure the gig line (the button line on the shirt and pants) lines up.

4. No Flip Flops Allowed

This is crucial!!! You want the right footwear and it goes without saying, flip flops, sandals and crocs and socks definitely won't cut it here. Can you wear tennis shoes? it depends, if they are solid colored and well maintained, sure. Stick with a more casual oxford type shoe or boot, for the ladies, flats or a short heel is perfectly fine. by the way, if the jeans or outfit happens to be short make sure the socks or stockings don't draw attention, keep it conservative. not like a funeral... but let's say like a presentation.

By the way.... Influencer Jacob Collier below... not the way to go...

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5. Accessorize for the win.

Keep it simple here, it's not about drawing as much attention to your face or ears for the most piercings in the world contest. you can leave a lot of that at home.

6. Hold that head high! 

When you walk in, it's okay to have a little swagger. sit up, shoulders back! You're there to get that job! You are the best part of the team they don't know they have yet. It's okay to laugh, and it's okay to crack a little smile. Show them that you truly appreciate them taking a moment to get to know you! and good luck in that search!

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