I understand why schools have dress codes. I guess. I went to Catholic schools for years and had to wear a uniform.

Heck those days were much easier. Really. But I moved to Canyon and had to worry about picking out clothes and abiding to a dress code. I had a classmate who was sent home for coming to school with a Mohawk. That was the only time I remember dress code was an issue.

I think though now a school in the Amarillo Independent School District freaks out about this time of year to make an example of a student.

This is what I saw over the weekend:

This is the outfit my sister wore today. This is what is considered a dress code violation at Bowie 6th grade campus. The dress code policy for AISD is antiquated and misogynistic. It adds to the sexist mindset that what you wear influences others’ attention/behavior towards you which is promoting a rape culture. Students don’t need to feel harassed and embarrassed about normal everyday clothing that someone deems inappropriate. Feel free to share because I want to know what was so wrong with what she was wearing. A child should not be sent home crying over clothing. In my opinion as long as a child is well behaved and getting their education what they wear should NOT matter.

credit: Micaela Reynoso Facebook Page

The above picture's dress code violation is that she is wearing leggings without jeans or something over them.....AND her shirt doesn't come to her fingertips. Really? If that is the case my shirt at work today also doesn't come to my finger tips. Look how upset she was that she was called out about a perfectly fine outfit!

You can read the Facebook responses HERE. So far it has 217 comments and 598 shares. Almost everyone supports her and deems this violation as being ridiculous.

I sent this post to my daughter in Dallas to see if she saw it already. Yep, she did. I asked her what it reminded her of. Yep, this same thing happened to my daughter exactly 9 years ago this same weekend.

Here is my Facebook post from then.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM


Let me show you a better picture of the jeans

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

They were mad about the white lines on the jeans. Seriously. They said they looked like a dog scratched them. They embarrassed her at a school assembly about dress code. She came home upset. I mean she saved up money all summer to buy these jeans. The school said she couldn't wear them.

All I can say to the family that went through this over the weekend. Yep, I was mad. I would be too if this was my family member. I will also say that she can wear that same outfit several more times this school year and nothing will be said to her.

My daughter wore those jeans several times that same school year and guess what? Nothing was ever said again. I chalked it up to the beginning of the school year. Does it make it right? Nope, you should never embarrass a child like that. Never!