2016 is a Leap Year! That's exciting news for Leap Year babies, who might be having their 4th/16th birthday this year!

Leap Years are confusing. Why do we have them? What's the point? There is actually a lot of history behind the Leap Year, some of it even happening in Texas.

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    Why We Have Leap Years

    The reason we have 366 days every four years is because of Earth's orbit. See, Earth actually spins 365 and 1/4 times a year. After four years, that's a whole extra rotation, meaning we need an extra day to keep up.

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    The Leap Year is Over 2000 Years Old

    It was Julius Caesar who decided to add an extra day to the calendar every 4 years in 45 B.C. So no, it's not some kind of conspiracy by the greeting card companies.

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    A Texas Town Is Considered the "Leap Year Capital of the World"

    Unfortunately, it's for no reason except that no one else had claimed the title. The town of Anthony still has Leap Year festivities in honor of its distinction.

  • 4

    You Have A Higher Chance of Getting Divorced Than Having A Child on February 29th

    The chance of a baby being born on Leap Day is 1 in 1461. The chance of getting divorced is, sadly, 1 in 2.

  • 5

    In Ireland, Women Propose To Men On Leap Day

    St. Patrick set aside February 29th as a honorary day when woman could propose to a man instead of waiting to be proposed to. This is also recognized in Scotland.

  • 6

    Easy Way To Remember Leap Year - Olympics and Presidential Election

    The presidential election and Summer Olympics are held every four years. Coincidentally, they fall on Leap Years.

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