You don't have to live in Amarillo very long to know that the weather is volatile and unpredictable.

In fact, the weather is so unpredictable that crazy weather is more predictable than normal weather. Case and point: On Saturday, it was 80 degrees and sunny. Today is Tuesday and it's snowing.

The fast weather changes aren't just unpleasant. They have a huge effect on your health and it's important to know how.

First of all, the High Plains experience a lot of pressure changes. Drops in barometric pressure, which happen when it warms up, cause drops in blood pressure. When the pressure heightens, however, your blood pressure could spike. Think about how your blood pressure is affected when there is a very hot and very cold day in the same week.

Another thing affected by the weather is your immune system. When it gets really cold, your body works hard to keep you warm and it can get overworked easily, leading to sickness. Then, when it suddenly warms up in January, plants start pollinating early. The combination of immune system stress and allergies can lead to prolonged illness.

Headaches are common when it's cooling off and warming up constantly. Not only are your eyes having to adjust to different light each day, but the pressure systems can make your head feel heavy.

So it's not unusual for you to feel bad as the weather changes, not just because you thought it was going to be sunny for the rest of the year.

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