We can only hope that we're living this kind of life when we're 60!

Naturally, this video comes to us from the land down under, because we think this type of stuff is normal in Australia. A woman was celebrating hr birthday, but didn't want to celebrate in the old, boring way. Nope, not this grandma! She wanted to celebrate 60 years of living by truly living on the edge... Of a car... Going 75 mph.

Yep, she did that! She decided she wanted to go "car-surfing" for her birthday, which literally puts you mere seconds away from death at all times. That thought wasn't scaring this grandma off. Her son pulled out his camera and filmed her car-surfing for quite a while, and according to the video, they were going at least 74 mph. The video also claims that this was mom's first trip to Australia, and that she always nags her son about the idiotic things he does. Now we know where he got his wild side from...

Check out this insanely awesome viral video, and DON'T try this at home.


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