Wednesday night, Lady Gaga was performing in Sydney when she had the ultimate wardrobe malfunction.  You see, one of the outfits during her show was a mermaid outfitWith the tail being constructed of pvc pipe, it was making it hard to walk.  Well she is a problem solver and came up with the ideal solution.  Use a wheelchair!

How could they take offense to this?  What's wrong with a paraplegic mermaid?  Surely the crowd understood right?


A group of angry fans threw eggs at Lady Gaga in response to her recent appearance on stage in Sydney, Australia rolling around in a wheelchair.
Though the throwers missed Gaga herself, a few eggs hit members of her entourage. It is unclear why audience members had the eggs in the first place, however.

Okay first, they need to learn to aim.  What a major upset right?  Throwing eggs at Lady Gaga and you miss!  GRRRRRRR!  I would be mad at myself.  Okay enough of that, secondly, why is it unclear why the audience had eggs?  If I was going to see Lady Gaga on my own time, I would have an arsenal of eggs and flour and water balloons.  Everything I needed to knock her down a peg or two.

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