We live in a world that is run by technology, paying your bills online, shopping online from clothes to trips, even reading this blog I wrote is online thanks for a computer. Wonder where some of the big name business where thought up at? Dell was an idea thought up in a little dorm room in 1984.

Dell's marketing department came up with the "Beginnings" Ad, a commercial spot that shows where some of the big brands got their humble beginnings. Skype which got started in 2003 was just a brainstorm in a bedroom. In 1996 Under Armour was planned out in a dusty old basement.

Forward to now these brands are used today. Skype being used for a video chatting over the computer, Under Armour is clothing for Athletes  used throughout the sports world from Football, Track, even Baseball. 6214 W 34th is the building in Amarillo, Texas where all the magic happens for your radio station!


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