Yeah it would be a good look at the future of computers, if I wasn't looking at it on such a piece of crap computer.  I don't get it, these Sony Wrist Computers look done why do I have to keep using my crappy laptop?  Well maybe, I'm jumping the gun, let's actually look at the future of portable computers, that will fit on your wrist!  Dubbed the Sony Nextep Computer.

Right now it's just a concept, and it is by far worth a Nobel Prize in my opinion!  All the amenities of a laptop, smart-phone and tablet combined and it fits on your wrist!  These guys at Sony are genius! 2020 can not get here soon enough!

The Sony Nextep Computer will feature not only the OLED screen like your Iphone or Android for those quick messages, but it will also feature a slide out key board!  Great for typing reports, blogging on the go, working from home or the coffee shop, pretty much the limits will be endless!

The computer/bracelet will also feature, hold on, a hologram!  Yeah, we're at that time of age where science fiction is truly a reality!  The hologram will project up onto a surface like a wall or curtain and act as your monitor!  Am I the only one who's jaw is currently dropped?

The Nextep wrist computer is designed by Hiromi Kiriki, who must be the worlds biggest geek.  And I must say, God bless that geeky man!

I look forward to the concept going to production then moving to my wrist after that.  Mind blowing, isn't it?  A fully functioning computer, right there on your wrist!  Flying cars better be right behind this!