6ix9ine recently suffered an injury and said he was caught "lacking in these streets," but it looks like he was just trolling about how he actually hurt himself.

According to a report from TMZ last night (Aug. 11), the Brooklyn rapper broke his wrist after tripping over his dog. Tekashi told the outlet that as he was going to get a snack in his home at around 3 a.m., he tripped over his French bulldog and sustained the injury when trying to break his fall. Apparently, his wrist got caught in the stairway bannister and he broke a bone in the back of his wrist. 6ix9ine said he felt pain after the fall, but he hadn't realized his wrist was broken until he woke up the next day and was still experiencing pain.

After taking a trip to the doctor, Tekashi discovered that he suffered a fracture on his wrist. He'll have to spend three or five weeks in a cast.

The "Trollz" artist uploaded a video to Instagram on Tuesday of his wrist and arm being wrapped in an elastic bandage by a doctor. "I got caught lacking in these streets :/," he wrote as the caption for the clip. Clearly, that wasn't the case.

Nonetheless, this isn't the only incident to happen to 6ix9ine in recent days. Over the weekend, a man attempted to taunt him while he was in New York City. Luckily, members of his supposed 22-person security team were there to make sure things didn't go left. However, it actually did, just not with Tekashi. After the man was yelling at the rapper from his car window and presumably recording him, 6ix9ine's security apparently took the man's phone. While trying to get his phone back, the man and one of Tekashi's security guards got into a scuffle, with the man lifting the security's shirt almost above his head.

Another security guard ran to the scene with a gun in hand thereafter and bystanders pleaded for him not to shoot the man who was scoffing at 6ix9ine. The security then got into a black SUV and left the scene.

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